Luxury Travel

Luxury is a means of travel rather than a destination. Beyond the physical
manifestation of wealth in five-star resorts and private jets, the concept of
luxury travel has now shifted to include self-actualization as the ultimate luxury.


Expected Size of the Global Luxury
Travel Market (USD)


Growth in CAGR compared
to overall travel


Growth in Asia - the fastest in the world

Luxury Travel Characteristics


Authentic and unique experiences that are not purely material-centric.

High Basket Value

Travel expenditure may reach over 500% more than the average tourist.


Comprehensive and flexible options that are ready on-demand to fulfil individual expectations.

Bespoke Experiences

We're talking about unique experiences and secondary destinations that have yet to be discovered by the mainstream tourist.


Inspiration-Driven Travel

89% of millennials say they plan their travel activities based on content posted by their peers, with most of them browsing an average of 38 websites before making a purchase.


Concierge Services

83% are now booking their holidays online either themselves or via online travel agencies. However, while 67% of people want travel companies to personalise their communications, only 44% believe that the communications they receive from travel companies are good.



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