Cultured Meat

Beef, pork, lamb, poultry, seafood - the dominance of protein on our dinner plate is irrefutable. But what if the future of dining does not come solely from farms and pastures, but also from labs and Petri-dishes? Introducing cultured meat - the next milestone in food production that taps into the merits of cutting edge technology to bring about greater sustainability for our meat obsession.


of Global Meat Consumption
is from Asia


of Protein Source for SEA and China
is Meat and Seafood


Forecasted growth in beef
imports in China (2015 - 2025)

What is Cultured Meat?

Meat produced via advanced cell culture methods from regenerative medicine

No breeding or slaughter of any animals to produce.

More eco-friendly than conventional meat

The True Challenge of an 'Animal-Free' Future

Can cultured meat lower its production cost to achieve scalability?

Diversify to Simplify

Cultured meat will not only be an alternative source within the traditional meat industry - its introduction will open up
avenues for a simpler supply chain with far-reaching benefits for consumers and the environment.


Though a relatively fresh market, the potential of cultured meat is boundless.

Alternative Meat Protein Substitutes

Cultured meat will be a key alternative
source of meat and protein, that is comparable to plant-based meat.


Lab-Grown Seafood

Growing interest in developing lab-grown
seafood to address over-fishing problems.


High Value Meat Substitutes

Most developments within the industry
are centred around high-value meat - such
as beef, blue-fin tuna, pork and chicken.


Direct-to-Market Meat Substitutes

Cultured meat has the potential to shorten the supply chain to go straight to restaurants and retailers.


Platforms to Bridge Cultured Meat with Consumers

Tapping into IT and networks between
restaurants, retailers, and supermarkets
will help scale market reach and awareness.



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