One of the original giants, construction remains a colossal industry across the world. However, there has been limited evolution within the industry, and much of its processes remain highly manual. In today's world where technology has left an indelible mark on all industries, how can a traditionally labour-intensive market tap into the power of digital and step up to new challenges?


Estimated value of the global
construction industry in 2017


Projected value of the global
construction industry by 2022


Projected value of the ASEAN
construction industry by 2022


Addressing the following productivity problems can boost productivity by 50 to 60%.

Enhanced Surveyance & Geolocation

Tapping into the power of drones and unmanned-aerial-vehicle (UAV) technology to improve survey accurancy and speed and reduce discrepancies between actual ground conditions and survey estimates which can cause costly changes to project
scope and design.


Digital Collaboration
& Mobility

46% of the industry still relies heavily on
paper records. Increasing digitised records
will help in generating more data analytics
for more accurate assessments.


Next-Gen 5D Building
Information Modelling (BIM)

Project owners and contractors use different project management platforms which may not sync. It's time to improve communication about project scopes and progress amongst the different segments.


IoT and Advanced Analytics

Tapping into technology to enhacne sensors and wireless technologies to increase monitoring and tracking minute on-site changes that may affect overall project productivity.


'Future-Proof' Construction Materials

Traditional materials such as concrete, cement and asphalt are currently commonplace in the industry, however we need to look at materials with lower carbon footprints that are in line with 'green' and durability requirements.



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